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The Dance by Midniterain
The Dance
Based on the Secretary Bird, a fierce raptor endemic to Africa. 
Some say that the feathers on its head look like quills tucked behind a secretary's ear, hence, its name. 

You really never know when inspiration strikes.
I knew of this bird for years, but it took a flash across the TV screen on Animal Planet to spark something. 

Note:  I need a bigger scanner... or a better camera. The colours are a bit off and some of the details are lost despite my attempts to adjust the colours to look more like the original thing. 
Flowers of freedom, thorns of hate by Midniterain
Flowers of freedom, thorns of hate

Everything has become hyper-sensitive,
the drop of a feather shall ignite, combust and explode.
Let the media lead you,
Let the propaganda fuel you,
Let the emotional swooning feed you:
It's an all-out-war: us-against-them; 
Colour against Colour, 
and there shall be none in between. 
You are either with us, or you are not.
But there is a twist in this ‘war’: No one dies.
You don’t kill off your enemies and be done with it. 
You can only win when you make your enemies your allies. 
But as you put your “enemies” down,
curse them to the depths of hell,
ridicule them, mock them, shame them,
drag them out into the open and 
execute them over the internet. 
Your choice in tactic becomes 
highly questionable 
and highly laughable
when you insist you shall not
stoop as low as the doings of your enemies
while you do the same.   

And I understand,
ideals are what they are

– ideals –

In the perfect world,
differing voices shall co-exist in peace,
but we are far from it. 
And I try to,
to remind myself that, 
they are angry, 
you are angry, 
and it is in human nature 
where logical thinking
and reasoned actions 
does not prevail
in the face of great emotional spurring.
And I do so hope, 
when the day that comes,
when you finally achieve your cause, 
this budding seed of hate, 
shall not reside in your hearts, 
and there will be a sanction left 
for sympathy, empathy, and understanding
to those strangers that
you have cursed, 
rejoiced while they grieved,
and remember that they too, 
are a part of our people. 
The people that you have also 
sworn to save, 
sworn to set free, 
or have I mistaken, 
that the cause that you fight for,
shall exclude all those
but those who stand in line with
your exact belief? 
That will be a terrible insult 
for what you are fighting for. 

Side note: I need a better scanner

Traumst Du? by Midniterain
Traumst Du?
I just happen to be addicted to this song and wanted to do something with it. 
"Träumst Du?" reads "Do you dream?" in German. 
Sometimes I think dreams are like interlinking dimensions, connected and structured like one of those multi-faced dice. 

Tribal snowflake by Midniterain
Tribal snowflake
Meant to do something more festive but old habits die hard and it turned out tribal. 
All I want for Christmas is an infinite supply of black ink pens. 
Black lined is original, white is colour inverted. 
Working hour: 6hrs
If you're interested in seeing the work in progress sketches, they can be found in my gallery "Work in progress: Tribal snowflake"
(p.s, I actually like the sketches more than the final product haha) 
Work in Progress: Tribal Snowflake by Midniterain
Work in Progress: Tribal Snowflake
Was aiming to do something more festive... but old habits die hard and it turned out... not so festive-ish. 
Haven't drawn in this style for ages, super rusty and made an insane amount of mistakes. 
I actually like the sketches more than the final version actually. 
Working hours: 6hr 
I really appreciate the faves + comments...
sorry if I seem rather rude if i don't answer your comments
I sometimes just let my account rot
and when I do log in... it's a bit hard to keep up with all the activity.


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CharlieFoxster Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
Hi there, I've used your black cat art work in a montage poster to promote the black cat. Totally non profit. Rescue centres find that people are less interested in adopting black cats, so I've made a little arty poster to distribute around facebook etc. Not published it anywhere yet, thought I should ask your permission if this is okay first.
Aleph42 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Happy new year, Mid!
Oh, and anniversary of bein' friends.
antagonistic Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2010
Remember who this is? :D
Midniterain Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
o.O you're back? haha welcome back... though i've sorta let my account rot...
Aleph42 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Still undecided to change the avatar, Mid?
It's been... what?, Four years and three months, more or less?

Glad to see you're still 'round in devART. Lovin' the new art -and photos-. I Hope the Uni isn't holding you much back in art-terms.

Throwin' in a watch, by the way. Account change and all...
CHolliday Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010
I really like the black cat
Midniterain Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you :3
ohmyhi Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2008   Photographer
Thank you for the add!
Aqualvein Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007  Student
nice work out there !
very unique avatar !
Midniterain Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks :) my avatar was made by a friend.
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